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About Us

LOCAL ONE SECURITY OFFICERS UNION is an independent union unaffiliated with any international unions. Local One was birthed out of the need for effective representation from individuals with first hand knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of the vast security industry. Local One members execute public safety at the highest level and this quality is what sets Local One Security Officers Union apart. Local One members understand the pressures and demands of Public Safety Personnel.

Together as Local One – United We Stand, Divided We Fall

As first line of defense, public safety officers’ lives are potentially on the line each and every day as officers man their posts throughout buildings around this city. Public safety officers come in contact with individuals with varying levels of distresses including, but not limited to public intoxication, mental behavioral health issues, or simply a disgruntled and angry individual(s) to name a few. Real or perceived, public safety officers expertise during these crisis cannot be understated.

More than ever public safety officers, much like regular working class people recognize the collective voice and bargaining power unions provide to keep employers from creating workplace similar to a the working conditions of the early nineteenth century.

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 We are very excited to announce that our Facebook Fan Page will have frequent announcements and will now be a consistent part of the new and improved Local One Security Officer’s Union website. 

First and foremost, Local One would like to announce and welcome Brookdale University Hospital Security into the union. Their presence brings us greater numbers and increased presence in the security community, as they are now under the protection and leadership of Local One. We look forward to progressing along with them

Unions are the only large-scale movement remaining in America consistently acting as a countervailing power against corporate power, greed, and control, serving the interests of the middle class.

Along with all of the exciting changes in the union there are now two separate committees being formed from within the union membership; one is the events committee and the other is the by-laws committee. The events committee will be responsible for all union events, i.e. the annual softball game and Christmas parties. The bylaws committee is responsible for the expansion of the executive board’s positions to be created in our union.

As the Local One grows we will continue to keep you informed via newsletters and emails to maintain transparency and provide as much assistance as we can.

Concerns regarding Unions role within the greater economy are understandable; however, we must never forget attempting to destroy them, destroys the only real organized check on the power of the business community in America